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Brand Identity

Completed at: Emotive Brand

Role: Design

Creative Direction: Thomas Hutchings

Marqeta is a B2B payment technology company focused on digital payment solutions in a complex and inelegant industry. Serving both the fast-growing tech startup world and the dated financial world, Marqeta established their name by being the first company in the payment space to openly publish their platform, the Marqeta Innovation Platform. By being transparent, Marqeta aims to become the engine that powers unlimited innovations.

The brand redesign aims to evoke excitement, confidence, and satisfaction for their clients and employees. My direction is about visualizing their innovative platform to be empowering and ever-changing. A family of dynamic graphics based off from the platform shape gives the brand flexibility and implies innovation and endless possibilities. The brand is tied together in a distinct color palette while the photography is kept to B&W to allow the graphics and colors to shine.

Marqeta had a successful IPO in June 2021 following our rebrand.

Marqeta branding logo
Marqeta branding logo
Marqeta branding platform graphics
Marqeta branding posters
Marqeta branding posters
Marqeta photography
Marqeta logo signage
Marqeta credit payment card
Marqeta branding billboard
Marqeta branding mobile tablet
Marqeta Logo Animation
Marqeta website icons
Marqeta branding website homepage
Marqeta website icons
Marqeta branding business cards
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