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Meyer Sound

Brand Identity

Completed at: Addis Creson

Role: Design

Creative Direction: John Creson, Kisitina Venegas

Meyer Sound is a manufacturer of professional audio speakers and processors. Their products can be found touring with rock bands and installed at concert halls and football stadiums. We came up with "Pragmatic Visionaries" as Meyer's brand persona: Pragmatic, because of their meticulous and precise approach in engineering their award-winning products; Visionaries, because they are always pushing to create the truest sound and best human experience.

As I was playing around with their engineering drawing files, some of the elements in the files didn't open properly and I was presented with abstract bits and lines of incomplete drawings that had a certain musical quality to them. Taking these bits and lines and superimposing them onto photographs of their products and use cases, I created a system that feels both technical and organic, reflecting their Pragmatic Visionary persona.

Engineering Drawing from Meyer Sound

Elements from the Engineering Drawings

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