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Rev Foods

Brand Identity, Packaging

Completed at: Addis Creson

Role: Lead Design

Creative Direction: John Creson

Revolution Foods is on a mission to change the way kids eat. Serving healthy lunches at schools nationwide, the company is improving countless children's lives. With a plan to expand into grocery aisles, they tasked us to revamp their brand and design packaging for their new healthy meal kits.

Rev Foods like the concept of the apple from their original logo, as it symbolizes their mission to educate the public about the importance of healthy school meals. Our task is thus to transform the apple into a modern, expandable icon. The resulting logo is a simple, circular form that can be easily expanded into a grid system of "plates", each of which houses graphics, verbal messages, photographs, etc. The new identity system signifies Rev Foods' positive, revolutionary spirit in a fun and refreshing way.

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