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Samba TV Website


Role: Lead Design

Creative Direction: Julien Dao

One of my first projects at Samba TV is to design our business-facing website. The product marketing team was defining the product categories in anticipation of a few product launches, and I worked closely with the Director of Product Marketing to come up with a system of visuals for the products. There are 3 product categories: Discover, Amplify and Quantify. Anchored by the Samba red, each category utilizes a distinct secondary color and pattern. Then, product snapshots and images of devices and TV characters complete the product visuals. This clear differentiation allows our prospects to easily pick something that works for them, and it shows a system of unique products catering to a wide range of marketing needs.

I created templates for different page types, and worked with the developer to build the site. Overall, we want the website to feel light and airy, professional but not stuffy. To juxtapose the dry and technical language needed to explain our complicated products, we design our website to be more relatable and approachable to put visitors at ease.

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