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Samba TV

Brand Marketing, UX/UI

Role: Lead Design

Creative Direction: Julien Dao

Samba TV is an advertising tech company that provides TV viewership data and insights to advertisers and broadcasters to help with their marketing campaigns. With consumers quickly shifting from cable to streaming platforms, the TV landscape is becoming more fragmented and the traditional Nielsen analytics is no longer reliable. Samba TV uses its technology to provide more accurate, holistic viewership data so that brands and TV networks can reliably measure & optimize their marketing across traditional TV, streaming, digital and social channels.

I was brought in to help develop the new brand and extend that to our B2B website and marketing deliverables such as strategy guides, email campaigns, presentations, and analysis reports. The circle became the foundational element as it conveys the unlimited potential of our data. Completing the visual lexicon are photos of iconic TV characters, and patterns that represent scale, action and connection. Together, collages of these elements allow Samba TV to mark a strong presence in a rapidly changing industry.

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