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Brand Identity, UX/UI

Completed at: Emotive Brand

Role: Design

Creative Direction: Thomas Hutchings / Lloyd Blander 

BAL is a global immigration law firm focused on helping corporations manage immigration requirements for their workforces. They are already a significant player in the global mobility market but they needed a stronger brand to increase visibility. They want to be seen as the top strategic partner in the immigration space who has the most up-to-date knowledge and exceptional service. With Pursuing the Exceptional set as the brand promise, the task becomes refreshing a brand that makes BAL's clients feel confident, supported, and understood.


Based on this strategy, we came up with a visual identity that is bold, sophisticated, and unconventional. A simple and direct logotype, paired with a bold color palette, authentic photography, and personable illustrations, creates an identity system that projects confidence and understanding in the complex world of corporate immigration. My main responsibilities were designing the logo and logo architecture, all print and digital touchpoints, brand guidelines, illustrations, iconography, and defining the photography style.

BAL branding billboard
BAL branding posters
BAL website homepage
BAL logo wall
BAL brand architecture logo system
BAL branding photography
BAL branding photography

BAL is on the ground
BAL’s photographic approach showcases BAL’s global reach and understanding. They immerse themselves in the cultural and economic forces shaping each country and region. The photography is tasteful and authentic. They are snapshots of local life, showing an on-the-ground perspective of people taking part in their daily routine.

BAL identity design stationery collateral
BAL brochure cover design
BAL brochure
BAL brochure

Creating a toolbox
A family of illustrations and icons was designed to extend BAL's visual identity. We injected the square from the logo as a playful interaction in the illustrations. Balancing the bolder typography and color palette, the style of the illustrations is softer and more human to give the brand a personal touch.

BAL illustrations iconography
BAL print service sheets
BAL marketing email newsletter news
BAL marketing email newsletter news
BAL marketing sales deck powerpoint
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