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Tutto Bene

Brand Identity

Completed at: Addis Creson

Role: Lead Design

Creative Direction: Kisitina Venegas, Joanne Hom

Tutto Bene is a gelato food truck operating in the Bay Area. The owner, who went to the Gelato University in Italy to learn the authentic way of making gelato, wanted us to create a brand identity that is both traditional and contemporary at the same time. She was attracted to quirky brands with personality, but she also wanted to communicate the high quality of her authentic gelato. Above all, the design had to be "hip" enough to compete with the many food trucks and ice-cream shops already operating in the Bay Area.

The final logo is inspired from the typographic signages found at many gelato shops and restaurants in Italy. A combination of sans-serif, slab serif and script fonts gives it a traditional and contemporary feel simultaneously. For the truck and other applications, fun phrases and little symbols accompany the logo in a "puzzle board", giving the brand a personality.

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